Lime Family reached strategic relationship with ECHAlliance

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 It has created a strategic Alliances with ECHAlliance to provide opportunities for its members to enter China with Lime Family.


The CEO Zhang Jingbo said “ We determine to continue to grow significantly in a market where there is a huge demand & need . We recognize we must have an understanding of the trends in skills,training and technologies not only in China but throughout the world .Our decision to have a strategic relationship with ECHAlliance and its members will enable us to achieve our ambitions.”


Brian O’Conner , the Chairman of ECHAlliance said “We all know there is a huge demand and opportunity in China , however we know that long lasting relationships are those that work and are sustainable. We have spent time identifying real opportunities and this one is a great one .Our members will be given access to a quality company which has already achieved a lot and we look forward to many years of relationship with Jingbo and the team”.

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